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Two cathedrals, two religions?
August 31, 2014, 3:40 am
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Vancouver has two cathedrals, one (by Canadian standards) very old, the other less old, though still not new. Christ Church Cathedral, the Anglican one, is architecturally the finer, with its beautiful wooden roof. Holy Rosary Cathedral is also quite fine, though less to my taste. But the Faith proclaimed in these two churches is far from the same. Christ Church has a series of panels explaining its beliefs and policies. I was interested, but not surprised, to read of their support for female priests. Ditto their unqualified acceptance of homosexual activity. What really did take me aback was their proudly presented policy of what they call “inclusive Communion”. Whereas in the past Communion used only to be given to baptised Anglicans, it is now offered not only to the baptised of any Church, but to anyone at all, baptised or not, who is “drawn to Christ”. Further, Communion is given to infants as soon as they are physically able to chew. What theology of the Eucharist, I wonder, does this imply? What attitude to the constant tradition of the Church from the New Testament onwards does it manifest?

This evening (Saturday August 30th) we attended Mass at Holy Rosary Cathedral. At 5.10 pm the church was already full, with between two and three hundred worshippers. On Sunday there will be six or seven Masses, probably equally well attended. The relevant parts of the Mass were sung (and we had two hymns as well), and the priest gave a coherent exposition of Catholic teaching on why God does care how we behave, and how traditional teaching really does express God’s will for us.

How odd, that we felt unable to attend the church with which we are notionally in communion, and which prides itself on “inclusivity”, but felt obliged to attend a Eucharist at which (in obedience to Church law) we could not actually communicate. What a strange world we live in!

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