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Thank you, Holy Father
February 14, 2013, 9:03 am
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I would like to add my own thanks to Pope Benedict for his inspiring leadership, his clarity of thought, and for his courage shown in so many ways, not least in his willingness to recognise the moment to pass on his responsibilities to someone else. We all try to believe that we are indispensable. None of us is. The modern Papacy makes physical demands on its holder, in terms of travel and public appearances, that were far less in times past. John Paul II gave us one example of courage in “remaining on the Cross” until his last breath; but Benedict has given us another and different example, equally valuable. Meanwhile, I came across this picture on Fr Ed Tomlinson’s blog, which should perhaps have given us a hint of Benedict’s intentions. He is seen laying his pallium, symbol of his metropolitical authority, on the tomb of St Celestine V, the first Pope to resign his office after definitively teaching that it was possible for a Bishop of Rome to do so. I really hope we shall be able to refer to Benedict as “Pope-emeritus”, just as we have bishops-emeriti for other sees.

 celestine v & benedict


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