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April 26, 2012, 7:21 pm
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… and I’ll say what I like in it (no-one will take any notice, anyway).

Having been born and brought up in this great City (and County) of Bristol, I want to state my STRONG opposition to the proposal to have a directly-elected Mayor. At the moment, the City is run by elected Councillors representing various interests and parties, reflecting the various points of view of the citizens. They choose a Leader of the Council, who is not a dictator and can be removed if they lose the confidence of their fellows. This is very similar to the system in the country as a whole, whereby we elect MPs, whose confidence any Prime Minister must retain. The current Prime Minister, while campaigning for a directly-elected Mayor, (because Councillors may “let the people down”) does not suggest the same system for his own job (perhaps because MPs never “let us down”)!

An official elected only once in four years, and who cannot be sacked in between, and who may not be in agreement with the elected Councillors, would be both more expensive than the present system and less responsive to democratic views. The less power is concentrated in a single person the better. Many heads are better than one.

The new post would also detract from the position of our historic Lord Mayor, who, by being during his or her year of office non-political, can represent the whole City, and undertake many engagements which show the City’s appreciation for work done by many who otherwise seldom get noticed. (The same is true, on a wider scale, of Her Majesty the Queen). I hope my fellow Bristolians will soundly reject this unnecessary proposal next week.



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Strongly agree. If only Bristolians had voted this down. Now I
am torn between showing my disdain by NOT voting for any candidate, voting Respect or Monster Raving Loony to annoy the government or Labour (because the candidate is a fellow member of the Christian Socialist Movement and the most likely person to make some good come out of this nonsense.

Comment by licensedlayminister

Hmm… took you long enough to find this post, didn’t it?

Comment by Fr Paul Spilsbury SSC

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