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Ordinariate Stats
March 15, 2011, 6:03 pm
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According to official Catholic statistics, the number of people who participated in the celebrations of the Rite of Election at the weekend was as follows (those for the diocese are given first):

(Arch)diocese Rite of Election* Personal Ordinariate
Westminster 829 62
Arundel and Brighton 181 25
Birmingham 302 100
Brentwood 362 240
Cardiff 62
Clifton 145 34
East Anglia 102
Hallam 92 2
Hexham & Newcastle 151
Lancaster 49
Leeds 111
Liverpool 130
Menevia 18
Middlesbrough 85
Northampton 91
Nottingham 159 35
Plymouth 80 60
Portsmouth 214 61
Salford 134 9
Shrewsbury 93
Southwark 517 167
Wrexham 24
Total 3,931 795

Thus,  795 people were registered with the Ordinariate, out of a total of 4726 who will be received this Easter. Of these, the largest number was in the Brentwood Diocese (240), followed by Southwark (167) and Birmingham (100). The highest proportion of Ordinariate candidates was in Plymouth diocese (43%), closely followed by Brentwood (40%). Almost all the candidates were from the old Ebbsfleet, Richborough and Fulham areas, with only 11 from the Northern Anglican Province. There were no candidates in Wales.

As is pointed out on the web-page of the South London Ordinariate, not all who intend to join the Ordinariate were able to participate in a Rite of Election (which is not compulsory). Consequently, it is likely that the number who will actually be received in Holy Week will be somewhat larger than indicated here.


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Clifton diocese insisted on personal attendance at the Rite of Election service or by proxy otherwise people could not proceed to Reception. Where did South London Ordinariate get their informationh I wonder?
Peter Clarke (candidate for Reception at Easter Vigil

Comment by Peter Clarke

Who knows? Of course, the decision for the Ordinariate rests ultimately with the Ordinary, not with the dioceses.

Comment by Fr Paul Spilsbury SSC

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