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Mary and the Christian Gospel
September 8, 2010, 4:45 pm
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In a recent post I commended John de Satgé’s book on the Papacy, and I have now been re-reading his earlier book on our Lady. It is a very fine exposition of Catholic doctrine, the more remarkable as coming from an Evangelical Anglican. De Satgé’s early death meant that we cannot know whether or not he would in due course have sought full communion with the Catholic Church (e.g. through the Ordinariate). However, the fact that he did not providentially gives extra weight to his testimony, since to the day of his death he identified himself as an Evangelical who could see the force and indeed the truth of Catholic teaching on Mary, the Papacy and so on.

It is an incidental pleasure to see him citing at one point (in 1976) the “distinguished Catholic theologian, Professor Joseph Ratzinger of Tubingen.” On Our Lady’s Birthday, I commend the book to your attention.


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How interesting to come across this reference to my late father. My own personal feeling is that, had he lived, he would by now have become a Catholic, as indeed would have my mother who died an at even earlier age.

From as early as 1951 (when at Oxford) he contemplated becoming a Catholic. There were personal family reasons why he didn’t, after publishing Peter and the Single Church and, of course, his vision was to see the whole of the Anglican church reuniting with Rome, something much less realistic now since the ordination of women.

When I became a Catholic in 1977 my father was overjoyed and not a little jealous! From reading his diaries, I think it is also clear that the ordination of women would have forced him across the Tiber..!

Incidentally, I do have a number of pristine copies of Peter and the Single Church if anyone is interested.

Comment by Jeremy de Satge

What a joy and pleasure to hear from you, Jeremy! Your father’s books have been so helpful to me, and in the light of current developments I felt I should give them some publicity. I hope others will be induced to read them, and especially “Peter and the Single Church”. I trust some of my readers will take up your kind offer.
As I said in my blog, the fact that your father remained officially within the Church of England means that he cannot be dismissed as “just another convert”, although, as you say, the current trend would almost certainly have made it impossible for him to remain. At any rate, he is now in the One Church Triumphant, which of course is part of the theme of the book I have not yet written about, “Christ and the Human Prospect.”

Comment by Fr Paul Spilsbury SSC

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