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July 16, 2010, 1:31 pm
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For those of you who read this blog (thank you, both of you!) there are even better ones out there which I would like to recommend to you. As well as the magisterial ‘The Anglo-Catholic’, which will keep you up-to-date world wide on the Ordinariate and much else, may I give a special plug for Bishop Edwin Barnes’ ‘Ancient Richborough’? Just click on the title in my left-hand column, read his own stimulating posts, and then click on the list in his right-hand column. Oodles of information, comment and often entertainment. I see that he has recently included ‘Field of Dreams’ in his blog list, which may explain why my stats have gone up enormously this week! Thank you, Bishop Edwin, keep up the good work- and the rest of you keep yourself in the picture.


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Dear Fr. Spilsbury,
I have enjoyed discovering your blog today via your comments on Catholicism Pure & Simple. I have a particular interest in the Ordinariate, having been reared sort of half Episcopalian and half agnostic. I am so glad to see that there are priests like you who truly wish to avail themselves of Pope Benedict’s offer, and I hope that you will come back to CP&S again to offer your comments. I suspect you may have some unsettling–even difficult– moments ahead of you. I hope not, but I know I did.
Best regards,

Comment by Caroline July 17, 2010 @ 11:21 pm

Comment by Caroline

Thank you for this, Caroline. I had not visited CP&S before, but was interested in the post on the Rosary. The position in England is very different from that elsewhere, in that when women priests came in we were given “quasi-dioceses” under Bishops of undoubted orthodoxy. The view among many has been that we could work better within the Anglican system for reunion with the Holy See than we could by leaving as individuals. This is clearly no longer a viable option, and the Holy Father’s generous provision means that we can contemplate moving as a group (and I hope a substantial group) into the unity we have always been working for.

Comment by Fr Paul Spilsbury SSC

BTW, I like your blog title. Very apt for the Ordinariate (I hope). Yes, I have followed the Anglican (CoE) situation. When I first wanted to go back to church and discovered how much the Piskies had changed I thought about “Anglican,” which was becoming an option in a very small way in the US. Of course it was only becoming an option in a negative sense, and never mind that Episcopalians are supposedly Anglicans…. I also have relatives in common with (now) ACNA ++Bob Duncan (erstwhile Piskie). So I have followed his career to some degree. I started following the goings on of GAFCON and tried to decipher the major players involved in the “Continuing Anglican” movement. Talk about convoluted. I almost said “Byzantine” instead of convoluted, as a figure of speech, LOL, but that would just add to the confusion! When I finally realized how silly it all was, after the last Lambeth Conference, I managed to overcome life long prejudices. So here I am, now, a Catholic who is viewed by other slightly more “liberal” (ie., protestant) Catholics with suspicion because they want to know if I am one of those disenchanted Piskies who “hates gays and women.” Never mind that I am one, a woman, that is. And I don’t hate anyone, but I do tend to get irked with Catholics who don’t understand that some things are a matter of discipline and some things are a matter of theology….. Sorry for rambling. I also hope that it will be a “substantial group.” The Catholic Church could use the infusion, especially in E & W. Please don’t allow the nay sayers to deter you.

Comment by Caroline

I, too, came here having read your comments at CPS.

I don’t pretend to be able to follow all the progress and trials of the Catholic-minded? (if that is right enough) who remain attached to the traditonal Church of England, but will add your blog to the list of those I try to follow. Thank you!

Nunc autem manet fides, spes, caritas, tria haec; maior autem ex his est caritas. Not all of us think that truth– at any rate, in the context of conversation and blogs– obliges courtesy to be jettisoned.

Comment by marcpuck

I am grateful for your comment. It seems to me that since the Holy Father has so graciously offered us new structures, it would to say the least be ungracious not to wait for these to be set up (which will take time) and proceed according to the pattern he has outlined. Waiting is frustrating, but I really do trust the Holy Father’s vision of an Anglican patrimony that can enrich the whole Church. What precisely this will mean, we shall have to work out gradually.

Comment by Fr Paul Spilsbury SSC

There are some more comments relevant to this on my original post, Field of Dreams.

Comment by Fr Paul Spilsbury SSC

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